Our Vision

We believe the right of every child starts from the womb. We want to see to it that no child in Africa is deprived of health and life because of poverty, epidemic, HIV, ETC

Our Mission

Care for less privileged pregnant women and children all over Africa.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy among teenagers and school girls. Unwanted pregnancy truncates their education and destinies.

Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation does not encourage abortion, we discourage the process of coming up with pregnancy among school girls, unready adolescents and less-privileged women.

Principles / Goals

We provide assistance on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed or language. We address the rights of vulnerable groups, particularly women and children.

We help women who are facing unplanned pregnancy choose life for their babies and develop a balanced life for themselves and their children.

By the year 2020, we will help 10 million women and girls exercise their rights to sexual, reproductive and maternal health and a life free from violence.

Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation is a center for women considering abortion. We listen to their stories and guide on all choices.

Our Cause

With Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation, hope has reached many less-privileged pregnant women in villages. Pregnancy Care dispense medicines to the pregnant women in villages and suburbs, women that have no access to medical facilities or have no resources to access such facilities.

We serve all women regardless of age, race or religion and treat each of them with respect and love that they deserve.

We’re committed to providing women and men with accurate and up-to-date information so they can make informed decisions about pregnancy and sexual health.

Pregnancy and Child Care is dedicated to five areas of focus;

To prevent unwanted pregnancies among especially teenagers and school girls;

to reach with dispense free medicines to less-privileged pregnant women;

to support women/parents with free baby materials;

to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and or educate/treat pregnant women infected.

We care for HIV infected parents and children and educate them on how to live their lives without the stigma.

Free Pregnancy Services

We understand dealing with unplanned pregnancy can be very devastating, so we always advise that you ensure your decision is an informed one, taking all your options and consequences into consideration. Walk in to us so we can help you make a decision you can live with.

Our Clinic offer many valuable resources including,

FREE Pregnancy Test

FREE Limited Ultrasound

Birth Options Information

Pre-natal Childbirth Education

Parenting Education and Support Groups

Pregnancy Mentoring Program

Medical Referrals and Community Resources

Maternity and Infant Supplies – up to 36 months

HIV Monitoring Program

All our above services are free and confidential. We are here to help you in any way we can.

Sexual, Reproductive & Maternal Health

Over the time, we know that poor health and poverty often occur together. So we fight poverty by improving the health of millions of the Africa’s poorest people especially women and girls. In many poor countries, women in particular struggle to live full and healthy lives. Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation is improving women’s health by providing access to health services, and understanding of reproductive health, HIV prevention, and maternal care. We help increase the income of women living with HIV and AIDS and helping slow the spread of the disease through education.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Supporting sexual, reproductive and maternal health and rights is therefore central to PCCF’s commitment to gender equality and reducing global poverty. Increased investment, targeted programming and supportive policies are all critical to meeting the reproductive health needs of millions of women and men. Webelieves that access to sexual, reproductive and maternal health services is both a fundamental human right and a critical development issue.

Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation (PCCF) advocacy affirms and supports girls’ and women’s right to safe childbirth, reproductive self-determination and bodily integrity. We work to reduce maternal mortality, increase healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies, and the elimination of discrimination and violence. Across Africa, PCCF is improving the health and well-being of women, children and families by changing inequitable gender and social norms and empowering women; increasing the coverage, quality, effectiveness, responsiveness and equity of health services; and expanding and amplifying women’s voices, participation and influence in society.

During times of natural disasters and conflict, women and girls are exposed to an increased risk of sexual violence, unwanted pregnancies and overall lack of control over the situation. Our long-term sexual and reproductive health programme focus on family planning, ante-natal care, access to services, and prevention, detection and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. This includes addressing the underlying gender inequality and gender-based violence that undermines the health of women and girls.