The Right Of Every Child Starts From The Womb. We Want To See To It That No Child In Africa Is Deprived Of Health And Life Because Of Poverty, Epidemic, HIV, etc.

We're on a Mission to
Care for less priviledged pregnant women and children all over Africa.

  • To prevent unwanted pregnancy among teenagers and school girls. Unwanted pregnancy truncates their education and destinies.
  • Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation does not encourage abortion, we discourage the process of coming up with pregnancy among school girls, unready adolescents and less-priviledged women.
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With Pregnancy and Child Care Foundation, hope has reached many less-privileged pregnant women in villages. Pregnancy Care dispense medicines to the pregnant women in villages and suburbs, women that have no access to medical facilities or have no resources to access such facilities.

We serve all women regardless of age, race or religion and treat each of them with respect and love that they deserve.

We’re committed to providing women and men with accurate and up-to-date information so they can make informed decisions about pregnancy and sexual health.

Pregnancy and Child Care is dedicated to five areas of focus;

- To prevent unwanted pregnancies among especially teenagers and school girls;

- to support women/parents with free baby materials;

- to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and or educate/treat pregnant women infected.

- We care for HIV infected parents and children and educate them on how to live their lives without the stigma

- to reach with dispense free medicines to less-priviledged pregnant women;

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Adeyinka Adedoja

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Director, Public Relations and Human Resources
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